Revolutionary solution for maintenance of pumping stations

Plugin in 15 minutes and enjoy the benefits of 24/7 remote monitoring solution!

Pumping station monitoring made easy and cost efficient

Optimized for submersible pumps

Digitalized solution for data capture, remote monitoring, analytics and alarms to optimize maintenance of pumping station and fleet management at lowest cost.

Standard solution offers optimized analytics to support users in optimizing maintenance operations of the pumping stations and fleet management.

The visualization can be branded and further customized to meet the needs of the OEM, service provider or end user.

Open REST-API interface enables seamless integration to other systems.

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Actionable data

Operational information

  • Pumps on/off
  • Running current
  • Water level
  • Start quantities
  • Running & idle times and cycles
  • Pumping volumes
  • Location information
  • REST-API for exporting data to other systems

Alarms and maintenance indications

  • Pump failure
  • Backpressure valve leakage
  • Tank overflow
  • Grid outage
  • Control malfunction / configuration error
  • Pipeline clogging
  • Generic operation pattern change detection
  • Configurable alarms
  • And more

Automatic data capture with VT04-H field devices

Minimized setup costs

Monitoring setup cost is minimized thanks to advanced and optimized design of the monitoring field devices. Installation is done in electrical cabinets and does not require any configuration on site.

The data is sent directly to the cloud so you don’t need any additional wiring to your facility since connectivity is made through 4G/5G networks.

The devices have integrated NB-IoT and LTE-M radio (4G/5G) and automated connectivity means that no gateways or modems or special skills are required.

You can get it working in no time and start enjoying the benefits right away!

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You can find supporting documents in our download center.

End user customer case:

Lumijoen Vesi waste water pumping stations
Condition monitoring

Lumijoen Vesi has an aging water network infrastructure.
Viimatech’s Digital technology based Flowdicator solution is used to modernize monitoring¬† systems.

The results are convincing with predictability, alarm reliability
and flexibility of remote monitoring from anywhere.

Service partner case:

Flowplus Oy maintenance operation digitalization with 
FLOWDICATOR pumping station monitoring

Flowdicator monitoring system is based on Viimatech’s Digital technology provides a flexible solution for real-time monitoring of processes of all sizes.
The system is well suited for mines, paper industry, water plants and other process industries.

The Flowdicator system is optimized especially for the needs of pumps and pumping stations. The system’s modern data capture equipment, enables a cost-effective and comprehensive data transfer in addition to the practical system analysis.

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