Automated energy monitoring

for electrical equipment

Online monitoring by Viimatech Electric Motor Digital Twin

Digital twin enables continuously available key information on running electric motor and operating cycles.

Viimatech energy monitoring is cost-effective and practical way to evaluate saving potential in ongoing operations.

Utilizing IoT to identify equipment specific energy-saving potential provides a straightforward method for process optimization and increased sustainability.


On demand analysis and reporting plus expert advice

  • Energy report for individual centrifugal pump applications.
    Easy request and quick report one page on pump operating range, current energy consumption, recommended action, and estimated savings
  • Adapted analysis energy reporting
    Case specific expert service for demanding applications and plant wide energy auditing solutions

VT04 data collection devices for energy audit

Would you like to know more about the technology?

Read White Paper: Phase-Current Measurement Based Energy Audit of Centrifugal Pumps

Service partner case:

Flowplus optimizing equipment
and maintenance performance

  • Save energy and human resources by optimal usage of your machinery!
  • Organize the maintenance measures with enriched knowledge of the condition of your equipment!
  • Reduce the need of maintenance for maintenance by understanding your machinery better!

Please check the video interview of Petteri Särkiniemi, CEO of our partner Flowplus Oy.

 End user customer case:

Stora Enso paper mill 
identifying energy saving potential 

An example case of a continuous energy audit in a Stora Enso paper mill.
Accurate identification of energy saving potential with real measured data.

End user customer case:

Kymenlaakson Vesi RO plant
improving operation and maintenance 

Reducing the specific energy of pumps by 20 %
Cleaning of filters every 48 hours instead of earlier 24 hours
Decreased cleansing-related water usage by 4300 m3 per year
A good tool for monitoring energy in process changes
Optimising the amount of reject water to improve energy efficiency

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