Integrated monitoring solutions made easy

Automatic data capture
Direct to cloud – No gateway

Predictive maintenance
Energy optimization 

OEM solutions

Customizable devices with automatic plug-and-play connectivity.
Advanced analytics for energy optimization and predictive maintenance.
End to end solutions with customizable user interface and REST-API for integrations. 

The most cost effective path to the digitalization of rotating machines maintenance!

Pioneering innovation for energy efficiency and maintenance optimization by leveraging Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA) technology.
Easy data collection with direct to cloud connectivity. No gateway required.

Great for industrial machine builders

Automatic connectivity

Direct to cloud

Branded solution

Open integration

Our technology offers you an opportunity to commercialize and benefit from digitalization.

With your own expertise and our technology in the background, you can get the latest and cost-effective remote monitoring solution.

We offer direct and easy data transfer to the cloud for Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA) combined with other data of your choice.

Example of commercial services that our customers are implementing:

  • Energy Consulting
  • Predictive maintenance as a service
  • Operational optimisation
  • Machine leasing and fleet management

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