Save energy, reduce carbon footprint and optimize maintenance

Plugin in 15 minutes and enjoy the benefits of 24/7 remote monitoring solution!

The most cost effective path to the digitalization of rotating machines maintenance!

Pioneering innovation for energy efficiency and maintenance optimization by leveraging Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA) technology.
Easy data collection with direct to cloud connectivity. No gateway required.

VT04 series of field devices for easy data collection!

Automatic direct to cloud data transfer enables plug-and-play connectivity.

Viimatech Electric Signature Analysis (ESA) enables value added services
for energy optimization and predictive maintenance.

We offer end to end solutions with customizable user interface and REST-API for integrations. 

Actionable data to optimize equipment
and maintenance performance

  • Save energy and human resources by optimal usage of your machinery!
  • Organize the maintenance measures with enriched knowledge of the condition of your equipment!
  • Reduce the need of maintenance for maintenance by understanding your machinery better!

Please check the video interview of Petteri Särkiniemi, CEO of our partner Flowplus Oy.

Easy to get, easy to install and easy to use

Installation takes only 15 minutes

Data capture starts automatically

No special training needed

Order today – digitalize the next week!

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