We Present You The New Normal For Machine Builders!

Industry 4.0 is real. Unleash the full potential of digitalization in your products and services!

Our technology offers you an opportunity to commercialize and benefit from digitalization.

With your own expertise and our technology in the background, you can get the latest and cost-effective remote monitoring solution.

We offer direct and easy data transfer to the cloud for Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA) combined with other data of your choice.

Example of commercial services that our customers are implementing:

  • Energy Consulting
  • Predictive maintenance as a service
  • Operational optimisation
  • Machine leasing and fleet management

For a commercial solution you need, among other things:

Easy data collection

Secure cloud connectivity

Analytics to contribute your own expertise

Customer interfaces with your brand and visual identity

Modular design of HW and SW

for unrivalled integration flexibility  

In our opinion, ready-made solutions cannot meet the needs of a machine builder.

We at Viimatech Digital will adapt our technology to your liking, and will let you decide how much you want to participate in the development process.

You will control all important decisions, such as branding, data storage and commercial implementation.

Our innovative solutions are ideal for retrofits in order to drive service business digitalization and growth

Because our solution measures the electricity that goes to the motor, the device can also be retrofitted on existing equipment. With this remote monitoring, it is even simple to implement in remote locations and for submersible pumps.

For example, the machine builder ABB and the service provider Flowplus use our technical solutions to increase the value of their customer service.

As a manufacturer, you have the best starting position to realize and commercialize the optimization potential of 30-50% in maintenance and energy consumption.

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