A Case Study: Stora Enso paper mill energy audit utilizing pump digital twin

Nov 15, 2017 | Customer case

Continuous energy audit enabled by pump digital twin is demonstrating multiple advantages compared to traditional approach. The used method is proving cost effective to identify verified saving potential in actual operation conditions of the plant.

Stora Enso Veitsiluoto site

Data collection process is very straight forward and real measured running cycles and loads remove the uncertainty of estimations. Further the technology enables verification of outcome after investments and even permanent implementation to support continuous improvement and optimization.

Process for implementing a continuous energy audit

  1. Selection of audited equipment, 20 pumps for this case 
  2. Pump base information collection
  3. Installation of data capture devices / data from customers  IT system
  4. Continuous or fixed measurement period (in this case 2 months)
  5. Viimatech pump model (= digital twin of the pump) is calculating the operational point of  the pump over the complete measurement time.
  6. Viimatech pump model is calculating the energy consumption of an alternative pump or control method to run the same process
  7. Accurate calculation of energy saving potential and reporting
  8. Action decision and modification implementation
  9. Possible verification measurement period and evaluation
  10. Optional implementation of continuous monitoring for optimization

Example case: 207-041 birch pulp tank pump

Pump: Ahlström APP41-200
Motor: Strömberg 37 kW
Control: DOL, valve throttling 80-130 l/s
Design point
Flow: 132 l/s
Static head 17m
Impeller 290 mm

Annual energy consumption 208 MWh, 8328 €
Saving potential with speed control 112 MWh, 4492 €
Pay Back time 1,2 Years

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Pump operation point
Pump energy efficiency
Collecting base information on site


Founded in 2017, Viimatech Digital has proven the technical and commercial advantage of its digital solutions which rely on phase current of the motor driving the pump.

The company is lowering barriers of industrial and utility digitalization by offering cost effective and easy to use IoT to optimize maintenance and energy costs of pumping.

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