Continuous energy audit solution predicting and verifying JPJ-Wood dryer energy saving investment

Jan 27, 2023 | Customer case

ABB Service installed Viimatech energy auditing technology to measure energy consumption data at JPJ-Wood saw mill. The purpose of the project was to understand the benefits of installing variable speed drives on dryer fans.

In the project first phase dryer motor data was captured for sevral weeks to cloud and analyzed to predict the savings. Then ABB VSD was installed and Viimatech data capture and analytics provided the new energy consumption levels. This verified the achieved savings.

JPJ-Wood describing the project and achievements:

The energy efficiency of our sawmill increased significantly! Last May, we announced our summer drying plant investment. Now is the time to take a chance to look at what the investment brought.

We carried out energy measurements at our chamber dryers before and after the changes, and the results were at least in line with expectations! 10–20% energy savings in the electricity consumption of drying plants mean annual savings of up to several hundred megawatt-hours of electricity. This is possible thanks to modern control systems and frequency converters. And let’s not forget the professionals who carried out the project both for our own house and for our partners.

From this successful project, we move on to explore the next innovations and refinements. Energy efficiency benefits everyone.

In the lower picture, the dryer is in the process of replacing the wood load.

JPJ-Wood sawmill dryer

For the original statement, please see JPJ-Wood post on LinkedIn


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