Electric Signature Analysis and Pumping Operation Digitalization

Jan 17, 2023 | Technology

Monitoring industrial pump operations is vital for increasing efficiency, decreasing downtime, and enabling preventive maintenance. Industry leaders are constantly looking for new ways to increase process control and energy-saving potentials.

Electric motor driven pumps

IoT and Electric Signature Analysis (ESA) provide an option to improve both of these aspects radically. ESA uses pump motor current measurements to calculate various parameters, such as flow rates and motor usage. This allows for a new way to gain information on the state of pumping processes across operations.

ESA technology allows for non-intrusive pump system monitoring

Monitoring of electrical motor-driven pumps with conventional methods is costly. A common approach is to measure the flow rate at the site of operations directly. But with no in-built flow measurement apparatuses, this approach requires the installation of a separate device, such as a portable ultrasonic flow meter. This is inefficient and does not allow for continuous surveillance, as it disrupts the pumping operations. 

Flow measurements of pump output are time-consuming and enable evaluating only a limited number of pumps simultaneously due to the complicated setup. For this reason, it is not possible to get a comprehensive view of the entire pump fleet. Initiating the measurements and data gathering quickly becomes economically unfeasible.

“Fortunately, combining ESA with state-of-the-art IoT technology provides an alternative way to monitor pumping operations. In fact, there exists a direct, albeit complex relationship between the motor input current and the flow generated by the pump. Thus, introducing clamp-on sensors to the pump motor power supply allows for non-intrusive and inexpensive measurements. The ESA model then analyzes the gathered data and computes the desired statistics from the pumping operations.”

Antti Lehikoinen, Principal Analyst at Viimatech

Measuring electrical current gives accurate information for pumping process management

The ESA algorithm combines the gathered IoT data with predetermined pump-specific information. This gives the means to calculate precise values for pump output, motor usage, and other parameters.

The easy IoT setup allows for global monitoring of pumps across operations. All available pumps can be used as data-gathering sources simultaneously. Combining the systems with cloud software gives an easily accessible overview of the ongoing processes, allowing for improved decision-making and effective risk management.

All pump data and measurements under one data system result in heightened overall control of the pumping operations. Pump management can utilize preventive actions and fast maintenance procedures when needed.

Moreover, smart monitoring allows for utilizing the pumps at their best efficiency point. At this performance level, the pumps experience the least amount of energy loss. Maximum efficiency and sustainability are reached.

Pump best efficiency point illustrated as combination of Head and Flow

Viimatech SmartView and Electric Signature Analysis

ESA is provided in the Viimatech Smartview software solution. It is a platform for collecting, viewing and analyzing data from Viimatech clamp sensors for monitoring industrial pump systems.

SmartView compiles data from all sensors into one intuitive cloud-based interface. The software creates a digital twin of each pump monitored, giving a comprehensive and detailed view of all pump operations. The pump-specific data includes pump flow rates and energy consumption.

Viimatech has designed unique algorithms in the software for effectiveness and ease of use. The individual IoT sensors take 15 minutes to plug in and give the users access to 24/7 remote monitoring of pumping operations.


Founded in 2017, Viimatech Digital has proven the technical and commercial advantage of its digital solutions which rely on phase current of the motor driving the pump.

The company is lowering barriers of industrial and utility digitalization by offering cost effective and easy to use IoT to optimize maintenance and energy costs of pumping.

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