Revolutionary solution for data driven maintenance of pumps

Plugin in 15 minutes and enjoy the benefits of 24/7 remote monitoring solution!

Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA)
for predictive maintenance and energy optimization

Unique and effective analytics

Viimatech is pioneering innovation in the field of energy efficiency of Industrial Pumps by leveraging its revolutionary solution which uses Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA).

Unique algorithms for pumps to optimize energy consumption, predictive maintenance and operational efficiency


Motor and pump digital twins based on Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA) in combination with easy direct to cloud data harvesting solution offers unbeatable effectiveness.

Actionable data

Energy efficiency

Energy audit with saving potential analysis

  • Measurement period + report
  • Understanding operation profile
  • Savings potential
  • Specialist recommendation for action

Continuous monitoring with specialist support

  • Power, Speed, Flow, Pressure and Temperature if required
  • Specific energy consumption
  • Best Efficiency Point (BEP)
  • Specialist custom analytics
  • Actionable data for systematic operation and maintenance optimization

Condition monitoring

Enabling predictive maintenance activities by providing actionable information, indicators & alarms


Motor and pump specific

  • Best Efficiency Point (BEP)
  • Pumping volumes
  • Start quantities
  • Running & idle times and cycles
  • Pump dry run, wear
  • Various motor failure types

    System and other equipment specific

    • Backpressure valve leakage
    • Tank overflow
    • Grid outage
    • Control malfunction / configuration error
    • Pipeline clogging
    • Membrane fouling or clogging
    • Generic operation pattern change detection
    • And more

    Generic features

    • Configurable alarms
    • Location information
    • REST-API for exporting data to other systems
    • Specialist custom analytics and support

    Automatic data capture with VT04 field devices

    Plug and play connectivity

    The field device is an easy to use plugin that is installed in the motor control center (MCC) and collects energy efficiency and condition data of your machinery.

    The device sends information directly to the cloud so you don’t need any additional wiring to your facility. Connectivity solutions are available for NB-IoT, LTE-M and 3G/4G networks.

    You can get it working in no time and start enjoying the benefits right away!


    You can find supporting documents in our download center.

    Because our solution measures the electricity that goes to the motor, the device can also be retrofitted on existing equipment. With this remote monitoring, it is even simple to implement in remote locations and for submersible pumps.

    Check this 2 min installation video

    Cloud service and integrations

    SmartView data cloud

    You can download the enriched data straight from our cloud service so you can implement the data to your processess straight away!

    SmartView API

    If you want to customize the solution for your unique needs, you can get the data flowing straight to your own systems through our API (Application Programming Interface).

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