Jan 12, 2024 | Customer case

Our partner Flowplus offer Flowdicator remote monitoring service in Finland. The solution can be used to monitor the condition of pumps, motors or fans, for example.

Monitoring is carried out by current measurement and vibration measurement. The service is tailored according to the needs of the site, depending on the devices to be monitored and their quantity. Flowplus carry out the commissioning from start to finish, so that the customer does not have to worry about the placement of the data collection device or vibration sensors themselves.

The remote monitoring solution can also be used to monitor a small process if the plant is not remotely monitored, for example, through an automation system. The operating model is suitable, for example, for pumping stations or small heating plants.

Data storage in the cloud

Data is transferred from the data logger directly to the cloud utilizing NB-IoT/LTE-M network technologies. Technology can be used to minimize network disruption caused by other technologies. 

User interface and alerts

Analytics can be tracked with an easy-to-use interface. The user interface can be used to check the devices to be measured, power measurement and alarms. It is also possible to receive information about alerts by text message or email.

The service can also be integrated with other systems. Data and analytics can be integrated into the customer’s own system via the REST API interface.


Founded in 2017, Viimatech Digital has proven the technical and commercial advantage of its digital solutions which rely on phase current of the motor driving the pump.

The company is lowering barriers of industrial and utility digitalization by offering cost effective and easy to use IoT to optimize maintenance and energy costs of pumping.

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